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Learning Pan African History

The history of African people, Black people, and their descendants didn’t begin during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade in the early 16th century; as many k-12 eurocentric history curriculums across the United States would have you believe. Pan African history can be traced back hundreds of thousands of years, spanning the globe, and several cultures. African American historical teachings in particular have been white-washed, watered down, and reduced to only the stories that kneel at the altar of white fragility and cater to the entity and plague that is known as whiteness.

We endeavor to undo the damage caused by centuries of misinformation, and propaganda by: unearthing our past, contextualizing our present, and as a result, preparing our future. 

Looking for a starting point? Check out our resource list, which includes books, articles, databases, and more for you to begin learning about Pan African history from Afrocentric perspectives. We hope this will be the first step on a lifelong journey of learning.